Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shout out!!!!

So for mother's day my entire family was together which doesn't happen very often and we were able to update our family picture. The last one we had was missing the three youngest grandchildren. So go on over to Freckleton Photography and check out our pictures. Also if any of you need you pictures done and you live in the area see everybody has a story on their blog. Thanks Jeramy and Shelley!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big update

So I haven't been doing very much lately on the blog so I am going to do a whole bunch and I am putting off doing dishes :)
Cameron- Isn't he so handsome.
As of yesterday we are official business owners of Mobile Mechanics LLC (I have no idea what the LLC stands for). Yea!!! We are very excited and are praying that this will open up lots of opportunities for him to enhance his skills. So if you or anybody you know needs thier car worked on drop him a line or an email at Thanks!!!

Me- No need for picture. I realized today that I am way spoiled. I pulled out the iron to iron Carson's church shirt and I told Cameron I don't know if I have ever used this before. He just turned around and walked away. I remembered after that I had but not in about a year or more. I hate ironing with a passion. But I am pround to say that I did iron Carson's shirt. I did have to ask how to squirt out the water onto the shirt. I just love him, He irons my clothes for me when I need him to. I am spoiled.
Carson- We bought him big boy underwear this week and he has been liking them. The other day he didn't want to wear his diaper so I let him wear only the underwear.... yeah that didn't last very long. He pooped and peed a little. But at least I was expecting it to happen and so it wasn't a big deal. He has been doing well at going pee on the potty and he has pooped twice. He usually tells me he has to poop after he has already started. It it will get better. He is learning so much lately and it is so fun to watch him. This week he learned moo and the cat sound I don't know how to spell it out, the words duck, asleep, and blue, he started saying water or wawa again those are just the ones that I can thing of now but there are many more. I have been trying to teach him the animals and their sound for awhile but he hasn't been interested until lately. I don't remember if I said anything about Carson's dentist trip or not but it was not the greatest. It was his second trip the first one about 6 months ago but he threw up... yeah that's right threw up. luckily I caught it in my hands and then the dentist quickly got a garbage can but I was so embarrassed. Oh what can I say about his kid. He is just so stinking cute and....
he loves his sister.

McKenna- It has been a crazy week for her she is crawling all over the place and she started standing up in her crib which led to her standing up every where. We hadn't lowered her crib yet so we had to make sure and do that so she wouldn't topple out of it. The video is of her in her bed when I found her. I don't have any good ones of her crawling but I will get one and put it up. She is saying Mama and Dada and that is a lot of fun. And she loves to eat. She has discovered Carson's toys are better than hers and that makes things fun. She is such a happy little girl, not in this video but normally she is.

Here is a video of Carson that is pretty funny.

Well I hope that you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carson and McKenna

So McKenna really likes her big brother and it is so funny to watch them that I had to get a video of them together.

After this Carson started picking her up like you would a kid wearing overalls. I was laughing so hard. I got that on video also but I sound like an idiot so its not going on here.

Okay so I am trying to potty train Carson and if anybody has any advice PLEASE!!! give it to me. Thanks