Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I had all these pictures on my phone and I finally put them on the computer.
Here is Carson on his first day of school. Cameron said that a picture in front of this wall was the tradition in his family so we carried it on.

And McKenna with her big brother. What cuties!

And a BUNCH of Jackson

This is the shirt that Jackson got from the ambulance/life flight crew at the hospital. He was finally able to fit into!

Great Grandpa Bud

My Grandma O had never been on a canoe before so when we went to Island Park we had to get her into one. She enjoyed the ride and I was excited for her.

Carson hooked the bike trailer up to his bike and pulled McKenna around. It was pretty cute!

McKenna turned three in October. Look at that happy face!

Here she is trying to open up her Rapunzel doll.

And her with her doll. Could she be any more happy?

I found them sitting here reading books together. They were being good and quiet and super cute!

The cousins together at the cabin. I know you can't see their faces but it is the only one that shows all of them.

Here they are in a trailer full of leaves. I just love these three!

I got a video of Jackson talking like crazy it is so fun to listen to and a one of him rolling over.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

The kids (aka dad and mom) cleaned out and carved pumpkins for family night last week. Carson hates cleaning out pumpkins! Every year I wait and see if it has changed but it hasn't. I think next year we will have them paint them instead. Less work for us.
They both wanted bats!

This is Jackson's contribution to the party

Being always!
Carson was Wall-e, McKenna was Rapunzel, and Jackson was a skeleton.

I just love it. He is so cute!
We went to the ward trunk or treat and then came home and had dinner. This is what we had.....
We have never been in Utah with the Gurr family for Halloween and let me tell you it was super tasty! LaNona (my mother in law) goes all out for a Halloween dinner. So with out further ado here we go.
Disclaimer: some images might make you want to yak!

scientist delight

sick pumpkin

tasty tombstones

protoplasmic amoebas

maggot delight

ghost in the graveyard

gobin goul

boo juice

bewitching fingers

It really was a lot of fun. She worked for weeks on this. I didn't get pictures of all of the food but some other names were pussy pimples, skeleton remains, eye of newt, and bat guts.

Monday, August 1, 2011


So I thought it would be fun to do some comparing between looks of each of my kiddo's from when they were born. I also found pictures from when I was pregnant with all the kids. Here they are.




8 months -Carson

Day of -McKenna

Day of -Jackson

First family pictures. I think these are fun!