Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Jackson

So last Friday, my birthday, we went in to find out if we were having a boy or girl. You can probably tell from the background on the blog that we are having a BOY!!!!! We are very excited about this and Carson was right on from the day he found out we were having a baby. He told us several times we were having a 'Baby Jackson'. We have no idea where he came up with this name and the only thing we can think of is when we were pregnant with him, Jackson was on our list of names and he heard the name in utero (sp) and it has stuck with him since. Anyway we love the name and it made it really easy for us to choose a boy name.

(Not the best pictures. They are pictures of pictures. )
Carson loves watching the video of Baby Jackson. He has watched it probably 10 times. He loves hearing the heartbeat and when color comes up showing the fluids he tells everybody that is his food. It is fun to watch him be so excited about it. He also talks to the baby and tickles my belly. And he asks me almost everyday if the baby has 'popped' out yet.

Okay on to some other news that is kinda hard to talk about.
When we went in we found out that I have a placenta previa. If you don't know what that is, it is when the placenta is covering the cervix. You can have a marginal, partial or complete previa and I believe mine is a complete one. You can see in the video where the placenta is covering the cervix. The placenta also looks smaller with the previa.
We were told to be aware of bleeding slight or heavy. If it is heavy I am to get to the hospital ASAP!!!! We were also told I would more than likely have a c-section and a baby at 34 weeks. I was also asked how far I live from a hospital and how easy would it be for me to have another adult with me at all times to rush me to the hospital if needed. If that doesn't freak someone out I don't know what will.
We have a follow up ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if it has moved at all and where to go from there. We are hoping that the placenta will move and leave an opening by the cervix so we can skip all of this stuff.
It was pretty hard hearing all of this and it is scary but I can't really do anything about it right now other than take it easy on the heavy lifting. When we have the next ultrasound we will know more and be able to prepare ourselves better.

I don't know if any of this makes sense but these are the thoughts and feelings running through me. If any of you have had or know anybody that has had this you should let me know about your (their) experience.

I bought this fabric yesterday to make a car seat cover for Baby Jackson. My cousin Bobi is going to help me make it, or I should probably say that she is going to make it for me. :) I love the fabric and I am super excited for it.