Wednesday, March 18, 2009

musician in the making

So Carson found Cameron's harmonica several months ago and he loved it. Well he found it again the other day and today I was able to get a video of him playing.

So what do you think? He is pretty good I must say.

Thank you Natalie for the bracelet and the bows. I was so excited to get them. McKenna doesn't have to many so I am grateful. Here is a picture of her with the bracelet and one of the three
She is so darn cute!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family pictures

Okay I am so excited we got our family pictures back that were done by the Freckletons ( and I need some help deciding what ones to put on so I am going to number the pictures and you all can give me your input. There are going to be a lot so they will be a bit smaller. Here they are.
1. She loves her two fingers 2.

3.I love this one 4. McKenna and Mommy

5. 6.McKenna and Daddy 7.


Carson- the ones for Carson are going to be hard because I love the ones with him and his daddy. Carson loves being with Cameron when he is working on cars. He will pick up any tool and get right to work

7. 8.

Cameron and Danielle
Okay let me know what you all think