Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crafty Little Me!!!!

So I have been wanting to sew for aLONG time now but with school I didn't have the time and then I realized that I was just using that as an excuse. I was afraid, plain and simple. I have told myself for years that I am not a sew'er' (not a sewer) and that I canNOT sew. But then a few weeks ago I remembered that I took a sewing class in high school (almost 8 years ago) and I sewed a pillow and a sweat shirt. If I can do that in high school I can sew now. So I bought some fabric to make a blanket for baby Jackson and this is what I got.

Pretty cute huh???!!!!! I was really excited about it and Carson was pretty upset when he found out that it was for the baby and not him. So I had to make him something to make up for it. And McKenna as well.
So this is what I made for them.

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!!!! Carson has worn his around the house a few times and McKenna doesn't really seem to care about it. I am sure she will when we make cookies and we are all in our aprons. I know it is kinda funny to have McKenna in a Buzz apron also but I had enough fabric and I figured I would save the money and make two. She choose the blue bias tape instead of red and it made me proud. I have always loved blue and I now know she has a streak of me in there. :) Carson's favorite color is yellow so he got the yellow one. I ran out of bias tape so I haven't done the pockets yet.

pattern courtsey of the blog She has really cute stuff on there.
I don't know what happened to Carson's picture but I can't get it to come out right.
When I went to Idaho Falls a few weeks ago my Grandma Osborne made this blanket for baby Jackson and I love it. She put a lot of hours into this blanket. Thanks Grandma O.

I also made these burp rags out of the diaper cloths.

I just sewed some ribbon on these two and on the other I just cut out the fabric sewed it on and then sewed the ribbon on top of that. I am super excited about these even though they are not hard to make it is the fact that I made them. I am aspiring to be crafty like my cousin Bobi. :) She is making the car seat cover for the baby because I am not THAT crafty YET!!! I am going to make a nursing cover eventually.

I am super excited about this new talent that I am working on and I can't wait to make more exciting crafts.