Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bed rest

Sorry if this is confusing but I don't really understand everything and it is my thought all jumbled together.

So starting last Friday I have been to my Dr. office 4 times. I started having high blood pressure along with my 'delicately framed ankles'. They had me go in on Monday to check the bp again and it was 148 and then they checked it again like 3mintues later and it was 105. A little inconsistent? yeah!!! So then I had to do a 24 hour urine test and some blood work. When I went in to give them my urine they did the blood test and checked my bp. Well my bp was 122 which is completely average. I got a phone call from my Dr. saying that he was very confused. My bp is normal but I had protein in my urine and whatever they check in the blood with my liver was high. He said normally when you have high bp that is a sign of toxemia but my bp wasn't high and the other stuff is. It was quite the interesting conversation having a dr. tell you that in his 16 years of practice he didn't know what to think. So he told me to go to the hospital and get monitored and then changed his mind and told me to just go into the office in the morning. So Thursday morning, today, I went in and my bp is high but I have no protein in my urine. Is my body a little confused? I think it is!!! So he told me that he felt good about not having the baby today and waiting another week and then he looked at my lab results again and said 'oh I see what the problem is." Because of my elevated levels of the liver stuff he then got all concerned. He checked me, I am dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced. (I am 36 weeks tomorrow btw) which he said is good for if they need to start me. So I thought this is it. I am having a baby today. Then he told me that he still felt good with me going home and keeping this baby in me for a few more days and to go on complete bed rest.
I have an apt on Tuesday and they will monitor the baby and check the fluids and then I will see the Dr. after that to see what to do from there.
If I have pain in my liver, (how am I supposed to know if it is pain in my liver compared to pain from just being pregnant?) sever headaches, blurry vision then I need to call or go into the hospital. I am also supposed to make sure he moves more than 5 times in an hour.
Well I have a headache right now but it is not sever and he has moved more than 5 times in the last hour so that is good.
My feet are fat and ugly and my hands are getting worse. I would put up a picture of my feet but Carson broke the camera yesterday. Good timing huh???
So I have no bed here for the baby yet, it is still at the shop, along with the boy blankets, I don't own any diapers, I haven't packed my bags, and I need to go through all the boy cloths and find an outfit to bring him home in.
This pregnancy has been so different from the first two, I guess it is my turn to have a complicated pregnancy, huh Brandi? Starting out with a placenta previa, that moved so I didn't have to worry about that anymore, to now having high blood pressure and being on bed rest and possibly still this baby early and who knows it could end up being a c-section.

So after my ranting about my problems... here's to hoping that my baby is healthy and strong and that he is not to small if we have to have him early.

Friday, June 17, 2011


So for the last few months Carson has been so funny. I want to remember what he has been saying to I thought I would put it on the blog. Read or don't read but there are some pretty funny things.

Carson was asked to give a talk in primary and I forgot so like 2 minutes before I talked to him about it and he said he wanted to talk about Woody (from Toy Story) I told him that we shouldn't talk about that at church and we decided that he would talk about how Heavenly Father can answer prayers. We went in and this is what he told them
Umm.....all the kids took Woody from me. So I said tell them that Heavenly Father can answer your prayer when you pray to him. So he told them and then said 'like help me find my Woody doll. Jesus Christ Amen.
It was so funny how he said it that I was having a hard time not dying of laughter.

Again in primary- I was walking towards my class and I have to walk past the primary room to get there and I heard Carson talking so I stopped. I then heard the teacher laugh and say 'I think that was supposed to be a secret.' She looked up and saw me and just laughed. I asked her later what he said: Daddy told McKenna he was going to cut her fingers off if she didn't keep them out of her mouth." To which she replied "I think that was supposed to be a secret."
Cameron did tell her that but then he changed it to I will tape your fingers together. Apparently he was very concerned about this.

Same day in primary- A lady had just had a baby and he asked her how the baby came out. She said that he needed to ask me.
He thinks that they are going to cut my stomach off, take out the baby and then put my stomach back on.

To a dog at a park- This dog was really wired and wouldn't leave the kids alone at one point he said 'No dog I am not a treat!'

Carson got $5 for his birthday from his Greatgradma and pa Osborn and he has been saving the money since then for a Woody doll from the Disney Store. They have been sold out since March and he has been waiting and waiting for this. He would be upset about something and I would ask him what was wrong and he would say "I am sad about my Woody doll. All the kids took him away." I finally started telling him he had 10 seconds to be sad about this and I would start counting. Well on 3 he would be smiling. Yesterday we got a phone call from the Disney Store to tell us that they were holding Woody for him. He was so excited. We came home and got his money and we went to the store. He walked up there and gave the lady the money and said 'here you go' They had no idea what the money was for he was just so excited he had to give them the money. It was so cute watching him get it. He buckles it in the seat with him and he sleeps in a little sleeping bag on his bed with him.

At the dentist yesterday. He did not want them to do anything with his mouth and he sat up and said with tears in his eyes 'but I sleep in a bunk bed.'

When drawing a picture of Grandpa Maughan he said 'Oh I forgot his hair.' I asked him if grandpa has hair. He said 'No, oh he has a little, just a little bit.' and then he drew 'a little bit' of hair.
I am sure that I could keep going but I can't remember all of them. He is a funny little boy and I just love him to pieces.