Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines day

Okay so this is the morning of valentines when we were at home. Cameron and I hadn't gotten anything for each other yet but after Cameron got home I got roses, chocolates, and and early birthday present a Step, so I can work out. Yea I am so excited for it. I got him a bike something that I have wanted to get for him for forever.

Cameron had to work but that didn't stop us from having fun. We went out to Mud Lake to play around some with cousins. We got some heart shaped pizza's from Papa Murphy's, decorated sugar cookies, and played outside on the four wheeler and snow mobile. We had a blast. Sorry Hun that you couldn't to with us. We did miss you! So here are some pictures and video that we took.

I drove a snow mobile for the first time also. I was pretty nervous but it was fun. Carson was sitting in front of me and kept trying to grab the keys so that didn't help.

you might be a redneck if...

this is your cat house. But I was told that they are not the rednecks the cat is.

I wanted to put pictures of all the kids but since there are 11 of them i decided not to. That would be a lot of pictures.
I do want to put one on of Gavin because this is what he did until about 4 and we got there at like 12:30. He was bowling on the Wii and punched himself in the eye with the remote. He is not sleeping he just wouldn't open his eye because it hurt. It was funny

It was a really fun day and Cameron even made me dinner. I love you Cameron


Brandon and Natalie said...

How fun it looked like you guys had a great day!Love all the pictures and the videos.

Bobi said...

How much fun was our Valentine's Day shin-dig!!! I am so glad that everyone was able to come out and play! My family had so much fun. I think that the kids might want to have a repeat every Valentine's Day. (Stan and I too!) We just need to make sure that Cameron can come next time too. We'll all have to have a summer camp out or something too! SUPER FUN DAY!!!

Gurr Family said...

Cameron really wants to go snow mobiling now so we might need to come out again so he can play.

Brandi said...

So cute. I don't have pics to put on my blog. I feel left out. can you email them to me. what a blast.

Us Bailey's said...

Sounds like you had fun and I loved your family pictures! Post more when you get them!