Wednesday, March 18, 2009

musician in the making

So Carson found Cameron's harmonica several months ago and he loved it. Well he found it again the other day and today I was able to get a video of him playing.

So what do you think? He is pretty good I must say.

Thank you Natalie for the bracelet and the bows. I was so excited to get them. McKenna doesn't have to many so I am grateful. Here is a picture of her with the bracelet and one of the three
She is so darn cute!


Bobi said...

Oh my goodness Donner. I must say that you have some pretty dang cute kids! That big flower headband is awesome! Carson's got some wicked sweet skills on the harmonica. That video was so much fun to watch. I was laughing out loud. So Cute!

Brandi said...

So so cute!!! They are dang cute. I love the bow. They have go to be so dang easy to make we still need to get together and make some more together.
Carson is a natural on that harmonica!

Brandi said...

Ok and the blown kiss at the end of the video was perfect how sweet is he?!

Us Bailey's said...

Wow-- He is better than I will ever hope to be!!! Very cute!

Brandon and Natalie said...

I am glad that you liked the headband and the bracelet. I didn't have any brown beads, otherwise I would have done pink and brown.

Adorable picture and an awesome video!