Monday, August 2, 2010

Two months later.....

Okay it has been awhile since I have posted. Here are some pictures of the last few months. There aren't a ton because I always for get my camera but it is better than nothing. These are in no particular order.

McKenna's first side pony tail. She is so cute here. Right now she is throwing a fit on the ground because I won't hold her while I update the blog.

They are adorable but they are hard to get on camera because they don't hold still long enough. This was the best one out of the 6 I took.

Our camper that we got for free. Cameron put a lot of work into it and we love it.
The inside of the camper with my family.

Just because he is cute. Look at those blue eyes.

View from the back and from the front. They are too cute.
Inside the camper while camping at Rigby Lake.

Carson is being a great big brother and helping McKenna eat her food.
This is a video of Carson going down the slide at Rigby Lake.
This video is so dang funny. It is of Carson sleeping in the car and his head bobbing all over the place. Cameron thinks I am rude but it was hilarious so I had to video it. I ended up getting in the back and holding his head up.


BriANDaleen said...

Congrats on the camper! So jealous!!!

Brandon and Natalie said...

Love the pictures! Such cute kids.

Brandi said...

i totally know what he is saying:) the videos are super cute! summer fun!

The Nicolaysens said...

Funny video of Carson. I bet that camper is so much fun. You're kids are so cute!