Wednesday, November 24, 2010

McKenna's first hair cut!!!

I have been too chicken to get McKenna's hair cut for two years now. Okay not really two years because her hair hasn't been this long for two years. Her hair started growing really fast the last 6 months and everybody is always commenting on how long and pretty it is. So I finally got the courage to have a friend of mine cut her hair (just a skiff off really). Thanks Ashley! I forgot my camera and she was kind enough to let me use her camera and then email me the pictures. So here are a few pictures of the event.
I don't think she knows what is happening.

She held so still, it was amazing.

No she did not cut off that much it is just her smoothing it out. I am not ready for that big of a cut yet!
That is how much she cut off. I told you just a skiff.

I love this picture. She is like 'What is going on?"

Carson loves babies and they are always kind enough to let my kids hold her.

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