Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prepare yourselves

Okay this has been a long time coming. A lot has happened in the last few months and so I am using that as my excuse. :) Most recently, like as of last night, we sold my car. I bought my BEAutiful Honda Accord in 2003 and paid for the whole thing myself. So it is a little bitter sweet to see it go.

But we are needing a bigger vehicle, hint, hint;) so we bought my grandparents van. I don't have a picture of the van sorry.
We also have just moved to Utah. I am sure most of you know this but I couldn't leave that out. We are living with my In-laws for know and we have a house that we need to fix up and then we can move in. It will take awhile so we don't know how long we will be here. But we are happy to have such amazing family that will let us take over their basement for months.

Carson helping dad take apart the bed. So cute!

Christmas- This year for Christmas was so different because of moving. Christmas day we came home from being with my family and took down our sad little tree.

It was a great Christmas, we stayed at my brother Jake's house and had our own little Christmas in his basement.
The kids love to take the chairs and pretend that they were Santa's Reindeer, and they would say 'Ho,ho,ho Merry Christmas. It was so cute.

What was left of the milk, cookies and carrots.

My cute headband the my friend made and Cameron so wisely got me. Carson with his new jacket and his beloved movie Wall-E. He had been asking for Wall-E since like July so he was pretty excited when he got it from Santa.

I got more movies than pictures so sorry there isn't much from Christmas.
We graduated- this is the most exciting thing of all. After 6 years of school, 5 years of marriage, and two children I finally graduated. I officially got my BA in Early Childhood/Special Education. Cameron also graduated. He received his associates in Automotive. Now for this occasion I have lots of pictures.
My adorable husband and myself.

Our BEAutiful children!

My wonderful sister. (Sorry Brandi this is the only picture I had of us.)

Me being me!

My grandma Osborne Supporting us.

Again my wonderful little family.

My Grandma Ames supporting us.

Carson wearing our stylin' hats!

My BEAutiful mom. My dad couldn't make it because he was in Baton Rouge working. (I hope I am spelling that right.)

Hooray! Cameron's parents also came to support us.

Our good friend Stephanie, and McKenna's favorite person.

And here is one just because he is cute. This is an outfit my cousin Bobi got for Carson. He loves it.

Here is a funny video of McKenna trying to jump rope. It is pretty cute.

Well I think that updates me for the last couple of months. So long!


Rachel said...

Boo for moving, Yeah for graduating! Miss ya!

Brandon and Natalie said...

Congratulations on graduating!! Loved all the pictures!!

Cutler Family said...

Congratulations on EVERYTHING! Too bad you guys moved, but so excited that you graduated and get to do something new for a while. Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter :) I love the video of them pretending to be santa on the sleigh.

Bobi... said...

Fabulous Post Donner! Loved everything, (except the moving part). I especially loved the subtle "hint, hint" that you snuck in there! Congrats on EVERYTHING!!

Eyre Family said...

Just come out and say it already... hint, hint. Sad that you moved but it's great to hear that things are going well for your family.

Melissa Giles said...

Yeah!!! For graduating.... and EVERYTHING else!! It will be nice to have a new start... still wish you were here! Maybe you'll have to move back someday/1

The Nicolaysens said...

I didn't know you moved to Utah. Where are you living and where is your house that you are fixing up? Congrats on graduating! :)

Melissa Nielsen said...

So I take it you are pregnant? Congrats on graduating and everything. That is so fun. Your family is so cute. I can't believe everyone is getting so big.