Monday, April 16, 2012

Major catchup part 1

Okay everybody! I have not updated my blog since November. So here are a bunch of pictures I will caption some but most will probably be there for your enjoyment. Here goes.....

Roasted Peeps anyone?

Maybe not! :S

April fools day

My sushi. It was a pretty big hit.
Pie for breakfast anyone??? The kids were pretty disappointed when it wasn't apple pie. It was yummy!

Just bein' silly!

Just love these kids!

Trying to get the remote! Or is it a phone? I can't tell:/

Grandma Gurr being silly

McKenna got her tonsils out (February)

Before the surgery

After the surgery

All set up at home.

Bowling fun! We went bowling with the whole family! The kids had never been before and they had a blast. (January)

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning


Merry Christmas!

I made pjs for everyone but Cameron. I was pretty proud of them, even if they were a bit to small. :)

just because

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Jackson was too big for the cradle and we all started laughing really hard. It was funny.

Cute kids

Christmas at Temple Square

I made this wreath. I am quite proud of it, enough so that it is still hanging up. :) The second one I made for my sister Brandi.



Bobi... said...

Love everything! :) Haha!

Rachel said...

Love it! Your family is so cute! I can't believe how big your kids are getting! I can wait for more posts! :)

Amanda O. said...

Th picture you labeled "cute kids" made my heart melt. They are so precious. Good to see your latest adventures!

ashley said...

so what is the dealy-o with you guys? what are you doing in pleasant grove? work, school, in between? i've been curious but never asked!! looks like you have been having a fun time.

Gurr Family said...

Ashley- Cameron is working at copy tec. He is in the process of taking LaNona's spot. We live with his parents right now just waiting to get enough money to buy a house.