Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi all

So today is Sunday and Carson had his first "primary" program. I say "primary" because none of the children are older than 2 so it was more like a nursery program. Carson was really cute and he is the kid that everybody laughs at because he leads the music, waves to everybody and blows kisses. Cameron went up with him for the song and I sat there and cried. My little boy is growing up!!
We are putting a couple of videos on. One of McKenna smiling and the other of Carson dancing to my phone. The picture is of Carson and his Cute little butt he must have had a really bad itch because he kept scratching it. It was pretty funny! Sorry it is sideways I don't know how to change it.
I am going to do a little public announcement here because I don't know how to use this blog thing very well I keep calling my sister and asking her what do to but anyways, there are a lot of blogs that i would like to look at and i don't know how so if you look at our blog you should add us or allow us to see yours or how ever it works.


Brandi said...
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Brandi said...

So cute, I am glad your joining us in the blogging world. It's fun to see your friends this way. Anyways I hope this helps you get the cute background question answered...
go to my blog, in the top left corner there is a link that says
-free backgrounds and more @ the click on it
when this page loads...
-click backgrounds listed under links
then you will...
-choose the theme on the right side of the page and click it. (There are lots so have fun looking.)
-(This is going to get a bit tricky so just stay focused.)Once you have chosen your background click on it and follow the directions on the page.
HINT: I ALWAYS OPEN UP TWO SCREENS WHEN I AM DOING THIS IT'S EASIER THAT WAY. so if you this got it done for you great if not call me and I will walk you through the rest.
love you.

Melissa Giles said...

I'm so glad you are blogging!!!!
Hey, I love to blog. I can give you as many tips as you want. I just helped my mom with hers. So call me with any questions. I'm of work around 2 everyday.
Oh and BTW to turn the picture just right click the mouse (while over the picture, before you put it on) and it says rotate picture right/left. Well that's how I do it on my computer.

The Holdaway Family said...

Too cute! Our blog is

Us Bailey's said...

Very cute! And I love the picture of Carson!!! I think its hillarious! And McKenna is such a cute baby! Don't you love baby smiles!

Brandon and Natalie said...

Fun videos! You have such cute kids!
I love the picture!

You have to rotate the picture before you upload it to blogger. If you go to were your pictures are stored and right click on it, you should be given the option to rotate the picture. I hope this helps. I would be happy to help you more.