Sunday, April 26, 2009


So McKenna has been throwing up for the last week! She started last Sunday and has thrown up everyday since then. She got a fever a few times on Thursday and when it came back at 102 degrees we took her in to the hospital to see what the heck was going on. The doctor said that she has fifths disease or in other words slapped check syndrome, or viral gastro-enteritis which is a fancy word for the flu. When ever she throws up she does it in between 6:30 to 9:00 pmish. So here I sit at 8:33pm waiting for it to happen and hoping that it will not. I am going nuts because she is not very happy at night either.
On a happy note she is getting up on her hands and knees and is very close to moving forward. I keep trying to get a video of it but she doesn't do it when I break the camera out. Of course!!!
I just took a video of McKenna she here she is in action.

Today Cameron and Carson built a fort in the front room and had fun playing in it

Oh and I got my hair cut this week also. Yea I feel like a new woman!!! I would put a picture on but it is the end of the day and it doesn't look the greatest any more.

Cameron is going to start a mobile mechanics business so if any of you need your car worked on or knows someone who does he can do it for you and you don't even have to leave your house. (with in a reasonable traveling distance.) So help us poor college students out and let Cameron build up his mechanics skills.


Brandon and Natalie said...

How awful that she has been so sick. Having sick kids is the worst and it breaks your heart.

It looks like you all had a fun time playing in the fort. I am sure Carson was in heaven!

Brandi said...

Hey tell Cameron that our ABS light and brake light are still coming on and the brake fluid is full so we don't know what the heck it is. Maybe he wants to take a peak for us with his new buisness and all! We will help you out.

Bobi said...

Forts are the best!! McKenna is so cute struggling so hard to get to what she wants. Oh how things change as we get older!

Jeramy and Shelley said...

Man oh man! Having a sick kid is the worst! We feel for you!!!! Give her loves and kisses for us and hope you all get some rest!

Us Bailey's said...

Ohh, that does not sound fun! I hope Mckenna feels better!

Dixon Family said...

Gotta love when they start getting mobile! Ahhhh! :)