Saturday, February 27, 2010

OH NO!!!

So this morning the kids have been playing together and I am trying to teach them that when one hurts the other they don't come crying to me about it they say, 'Don't do that, that hurts' or 'that's not nice.' and then go on there merry little way playing again. Something like that.
Well Carson came crying to me (which happens more than McKenna coming to me crying) and he said 'Baby touched me.' What do I say to that? I just thought 'oh great! It's already started' and we weren't even in a car. That's where my siblings and I always said that.

Oh well, such is life. It was really funny and I just thought I would share. Here are a few pictures of them just now. Sorry they are blurry....they were moving around and I don't have the greatest camera.


Bobi... said...

I can't believe she was touching him! That is so mean! LOL!

Brandi said...

what naughty kids you have. my kids NEVER touch each other;) so cute

Xazmin said...

Sooo cute! Um, a littly FYI...the NEVER stop tattling. If you figure out how to stop it...please clue me in!

Us Bailey's said...

Isn't it funny how your kids turn out to do the same things you used to do! It's ingrained in them somehow! Please teach ne all your tricks-I'll need them!