Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today at church we had a General Authority speak to us, Elder Chambers is his name. Well he extended a challenge to us that I am really going to do my best. The challenge was to read the Book of Mormon in three (3) months. Yeah, I don't know if I can do it but I will most defiantly try. I am pretty excited about this challenge and I think it came about at the perfect time in my life.
Well here's to the next three months. Wish me luck.
PS If any of you want to do this as well feel free. :)


Bobi... said...

You're amazing! You can totally do it! Good Luck Donner!

Brandi said...

good luck! maybe i will give it try too! but then maybe not;) that sounds hard, i will let you know!

Xazmin said...

Good luck. I think I will join in! I'll update my progress on my blog too!

The Nicolaysens said...

So I found your blog from Breann's. I'm so excited you have one. Your kids are so cute! I have a blog too, but it's private so I need to send you an invite. What is your e-mail? If you could just e-mail me : then I can add you. Hope things are going well.