Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Carson

Today is Carson's second birthday WOW! It is so weird, it has gone by way to fast but it has been a great two years. He is such a sweet, fun, crazy, loud boy that we love so much. I am going to post some pictures of him over the last couple of days and you will see for yourselves what I mean.

We had a family party for Carson and my sister Melisa on Sunday and out of the 20ish people who were there 9 of us who were wearing green and so we took a picture of all of us.

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we took a picture with my parents and the kids also and this is totally my family. I love you guys


Brandi said...

i love them all. The cowboy one is the BEST in the world though. And yes that is totally our family. love it. I sent a text to Carson on his b-day i hope he got it. I should have called and in fact I was going to have the kids call and then got busy feeling gross. sorry;( Sounds like he had a great 2nd birthday though. love ya.

Brandon and Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Carson! His cake looks great! He looks like he keeps you pretty busy.

Us Bailey's said...

Happy Birthday Carson! Looks like you all had fun- and I love the cake. Cars is one of our favorites as well!

bsbunch said...

Wow! Happy birthday to Carson! Hey Danielle and Cameron, isn't "2" great! Everyone always says "terrible twos." Just wait, It's really the "terrible threes"! Enjoy the "2's" Love the pictures. Brandi's right, the cowboy one is ADORABLE! Love You Guys - Bobi