Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kid catch up

Here is a little catch up on the kids.
McKenna-So yesterday McKenna was laying on the floor in the computer room and she was not very happy about it at all but it gave her the motivation to roll over. From her back to her stomach. For about a week she would get to her side and them get stuck but being mad was the trick. She will be 4 months on the 3rd of February and it is just so weird to me that she is already rolling. I got the last half of it on camera so here it is. Her laugh is so cute and she is so quick to smile. I go in to her room to get her in the morning and she is all smiles. Her look is changing a lot and her hair is finally starting to grow. She has the fattest little thighs and a lady at her day care was all she is only 3 months old and already in size 2 diapers. WOW! but now is the only time that they are cute so why not live it up.

Carson- We were putting Carson in his car seat yesterday and I told him that we were going to wal-mart and he said 'mal-mart' I think that we go there to much. He can say Danielle and wal-mart but he can't say love you or help. For help he says please so it works but it is just kinda funny what he can and can't say just yet. I am sure it is stored in him memory but just not ready yet. i think that he is getting one of his molars in because he had a temperature of 102.2 and he wouldn't eat anything. I felt around in his mouth and it felt pretty swollen in the back then I got bit so I didn't search to much more. Carson does this ridiculously funny dance. I finally got him to dance for the camera today and so I will put the video of it on.


Brandi said...

oh my gosh first McKenna is so stinkin cute. good job McKenna! Alright that dance is so sweet. I love it. Carson you are too funny! love you guys

bsbunch said...

Wow, rolling over already! You're going to be in trouble when she starts to walk at 8 months old at this rate! Good job, McKenna- hold on to your seats mom and dad! Carson showin' off his moves eh? Napoleon Dynamite- watch out:)
LOL- Bobi

Brandon and Natalie said...

Fun accomplishments! Cute kids!