Thursday, January 29, 2009

Month from you know where!!!

So the new year is supposed to be all fun and exciting. Well not for the Gurr family. Here is my little soap box for the month feeling sorry for myself. Instead of studying for my 2 test this weekend or doing the dishes, I am writing this because I need to get it off my chest. Cameron and I both start school and the day before we start Carson gets sick and can't to go daycare. If he is sick I can't find a sitter with kids and everybody else is in school or working. So my incredible parents came up to Rexburg from Idaho Falls on a really bad day and watched them for 2 hours. The next day he was filling better so we took him to daycare then He and McKenna we too sick to go the next week so we had to find another sitter. Thank you Emily. Next Cameron and I got sick while Carson and McKenna were still sick. It took about two weeks to start feeling better (oh and I got thrown-up on by both children at the same time.) Then Carson gets a fever of 102.2 on Sunday and it doesn't go away till the next day. Monday Cameron is throwing up and yesterday I started feeling really weird. I am achy all over and I have a massive headache. My house is a disaster and I don't even care, which is a huge deal for me, I hate having a messy house.
Well there is it my soap box for the month. my first one and probably not the last.
Poor me, Danielle


Us Bailey's said...

I'm so sorry! That does not sound like fun. We've been sick- but all at different times. I'm sorry you got thrown up on by both kids-- it's bad enough with one! Good luck and hope you all start feeling better!

BriANDaleen said...

I AM SO SORRY! Now I kinda feel bad about all my complaining I did a couple of weeks ago, but thanks anyway for letting me get it out! ;)